Nevada Postcards

I have been a delitologist since 2001 and am still actively collecting and adding to my collection. I am a member of the Wichita Postcard Club, the Kansas City Postcard Club and the Gateway Postcard Club.

Delitology is the study and collecting of postcards. It comes from the Greek word deltion, the diminutive of deltos, which means writing tablet or letter. Collecting postcards became a very popular hobby in the first part of the 20th Century.

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The images are watermarked not because I own the rights to the images but because I have gone to the time and expense of collecting, scanning and displaying the postcards for you to see. You will find first the front and then the back of the postcard. If you click on any individual picture you will see a larger image.

I currently have over 650 Nevada, Missouri Postcards. I hope you enjoy these images.

Birdseye Views
Hotels & Motels
St. Francis Convent & School
Street Scenes
US Post Office
Vernon Sanitarium
The Weltmer Institute

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